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Fellowship Studios

About Us

Based out of quiet Halifax, Pennsylvania, Fellowship Studios began as a YouTube channel, springing from the ashes of a lesser predecessor. The founder of Fellowship Studios, Dylan Bowman, is committed to telling unique stories of moral excellence that will both entertain and benefit viewers everywhere and spread the Word.

Here...films have purpose.

The Team and Recurring Talent

The People of Fellowship Studios

Dylan Bowman
Dominic Mangle

Co-Founder & Actor

R6__8320 (2).JPG
Ashleigh Sites


IMDb Profile

1632340486897[876] (3).jpeg
Zeke Bugda
IMG_1490[878] (5).jpg
Jillian Gerson

Actress & Location Scout

Backstage Profile

IMG_5577[872] (2).jpg
Logan Velez


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Nathaniel Stoner


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