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Though Bowman's greatest passion involves the creation of unique, entertaining films, his skills are far from limited to this one facet. He is equally passionate about photography, design, and writing (see our blog), having had many chances to display his skill through freelance work, internships, and college.



Freelance work is becoming a regular endeavor for Fellowship Studios. With over a dozen pleased customers and counting, we look forward to what's next on the horizon.

Camp Hebron

As an internship experience, Bowman became the Executive Videographer and Photographer for Camp Hebron, a retreat center and summer camp. He led two other photographers on the Marketing Team and assisted in advertising the Summer 2022 program to the public. See his 2022 photos here and his videos in the below link.


The Knightly News Media Club

Since graduating from Central Penn College in December of 2022, Dylan Bowman has been ushered back into the fold of the college's media club, further assisting the Knightly News in their endeavors, particularly with his award-winning sports photography.

The Halifax Area Historical Society

As a Board Member, Bowman has been helping get the community excited about history. He designed a website for the Society, maintains it, and takes all original photos and videos therein, as well as those found within the blog articles of the site, which he also writes.

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